To Register:
Please call 479-443-3646 between 9-4 Tuesday through Sunday to register with a credit or debit card.  You may also mail in your payment.  Your spot in class is not guaranteed until we have your payment.

Contact us if you need a special scheduling of CE classes.

 To Cancel:  
Refunds are given if you contact the school 7 or more days in advance of a class and the school will deduct 25% for processing.   A refund check will be issued or your credit card will be credited.  If you cannot attend and you call the school at least 24 hours in advance of the class start time you may transfer to another class with out penalty. Registrants who no show and no call shall forfeit all fees.

Duplicate Certificates:  Duplicate certificates may be issued for $15 per page 

Free CE Class!!!!

Refer a student who enrolls in our core 625 hr. program and receive a certificate for a free 6 hour $125 CE Class.  



Saturday 6: Headaches Headaches Headaches

Sunday 14: Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Friday 26: PNF Stretching

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28: Safestones


Saturday 3: 15 Minute Shoulder

Sunday 11: A Neuromuscular View of the Shoulder Girdle

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18: Deep Tisssue Techniques For Pain Relief W/ Reid Maddox
(To sign up for Deep Tissue Techniques, call (479) 739-5555 or visit

Friday 23: A Neuromuscular Perspective of Low Back Pain


Saturday 3: Soft tissue Release For the Client With Fibromyalgia

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12: Spa Essentials of Lomi Lomi

Sunday 18: Anatomy Paint by number

Friday 30: Parafun!!!


Saturday 7 & Sunday 8: Advanced Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi

Sunday 15 : Bodymasques

Friday 27: River Rock Foot Soak


Saturday 5: Anatomy of Movement

Sunday 13: Special Strokes for Special Folks

Friday 25: Chair Massage 101


Saturday 2: Clinical Assessment

Sunday 10: Arms, Legs, Hands and Feet

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17: Safestones


Saturday 14: Trigger Points Plus

Sunday 22: Working a Plan

Friday 27: The Ethics of Massage


Saturday 4: Sports Massage 101

Sunday 12: Law and Rules and Regulations of Arkansas

Friday 24: Working Smarter, Not Harder


Saturday 1: Let's get Back to the Basics of Massage

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16: Safestones

Friday 28: A Neuromuscular Perspective of Low Back Pain


Saturday 6: A Neuromuscular View of the Shoulder Girdle

Sunday 14: Headaches Headaches Headaches

Friday 26: Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction


Saturday 3: Chair Massage 101

Sunday 11: Neck and Shoulders

Friday 30: Anatomy Paint by Number


Saturday 1: Soft Tissue Release for the Client with Fibromyalgia

Sunday 9: Clinical Assessment

Friday 21: Trigger Points Plus