Our curriculum revolves.  It makes it easy for you to start just about anytime.  Classes are currently being held Tuesday through Friday which takes about 4 months to finish.  We also offer a Saturday /Sunday program which takes about 8 months to complete. You can also craft an attendance schedule that works around your schedule.

Our tuition is $8,000.

 If you pay in full in advance we buy your books and a massage table. You may make payments on tuition while you are a student but tuition must be paid in full before you receive your diploma. Textbooks cost about $185.

Anatomy and Physiology -------------200 Hours

            Structure and function of the body, Pathologies, Kinesiology, and Directives for critical thinking

Massage Techniques ------------------300 Hours

            Basic relaxation massage techniques, Draping, Sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, Client intake and assessment, History of massage, Student clinic massage, Basic contraindications and                      Directives for critical thinking

Hygiene ---------------------------------------25 Hours

            HIV and Disease transmission, Clinic/personal hygiene, and How disease spreads within the body

Hydrotherapy -------------------------------25 Hours

           Spa techniques, Stone massage, Safety

Business, Law, Ethics ------------------25 Hours

          Marketing, Arkansas massage law, Ethics and the Business of massage (i.e., record keeping, taxes, etc.)

Varied topics related to massage----50 Hours

          Modalities and related topics

Field Trips, Guest Speakers --------------Varies 

          Students must complete a minimum of 35 hours of student clinical massage.

The Edge Student Handbook

How the license process works

Complete your hours here or at least get close.  I suggest strongly that you pass our final before taking the MBLEx.  It is true that anyone with $195  and a transcript can take the MBLEx but we want you to be as prepared as possible so taking our final just makes sense.

Sign up for MBLEX and ask us to send your transcript to them.

Take and pass the MBLEX.

Print the application for license from the state website. Complete the application, include necessary documents and mail to the AR DoH.

They will send the background check information directly to you. Complete and return 

You will get an email telling you that it is time to take the law test.

After passing the law test you should receive your license in about a week.


Include with your application a stamped envelope addressed to (and I suggest using the same as the return address):

Arkansas Department of Health
Cosmetology Section 
4815 W Markham Slot 8
Little Rock, AR 72205


Sign up to take the MBLEx at;


It may take a week or so to get your confirmation email telling you that you have been approved to test, don’t forget to check your junk mail.  You will then schedule your exam at one of the Pearson Vue testing centers any where in the world.  Our closest options are Ft. Smith, Tulsa OK or Springfield MO. You will be given a piece of paper with your results as you leave, KEEP THIS PAPER!  Bring it to us and we can start the application process.

Licensure checklist

____1.  Notarized Application ( http://www.arkansasmassagetherapy.com/Forms.htm)

____2.  MBLEx results 

____3.  Massage School Transcript 

____4.  Massage School Diploma 

____5.  Negative tb test (Mediserve is quick and easy $17ish)

____6.  CPR card (We have options as low as $20)

____7.  High school diploma or transcript

____ 8.  Copy of your Social Security Card

____ 9.  A copy of drivers license 

____10. Cashiers check or money order to ASBMT for $180

____11. Background check

Once you have all of this information gathered you can schedule a time to meet with the director and we will help complete your application packet.  After the packet is received by the DoH they will contact you to schedule the law exam to complete the process.

Textbooks and School Expenses

Massage Therapy Principles and Practice  5th Edition  Susan Salvo      $88.95

Trail Guide to the Body  5th Edition   Andrew Biel                                    $69.95

Trail Guide to the Body Student Workbook                                               $26.95

You will also need a twin size sheet set and whatever educational tools you require.  The massage lubricant you choose is a very personal decision, so personal that I created my own and you will have an ongoing need for it so I suggest you try many different kinds until you find what you prefer.  You will also need to purchase liability insurance before you will be allowed to work on the public and I can direct you toward a policy that is $77 for 1 year and when you graduate it turns into a professional liability policy.

Inclement weather policy

Snow and ice are usually the weather in question and our policy is to close whenever Fayetteville schools close.  We list closings on the local stations but they may only appear on their websites.  I try to change the school answering machine at least by 7;30 or 8am.  Weekends I will post it with the news stations and will change the machine  by 7:30 or 8am.